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    160 lb injectors ??

    Oh yes i'm aware lol
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    160 lb injectors ??

    How much alky are you going to introduce with e85?
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    What trans 1K RWHP. Not 200 or 400

    Ive seen a 4l80e car around here hold 1200 hp but he's into it over $6k, not exactly budget friendly.
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    Big D'S TA Block Beast

    Come on one more drive by:D
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    Methanol consumption

    Mr. Spool can answer this ;)
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    Tow Bar

    If you go to the track twice a year rent a trailer for $65 a day If you go more then 5x a year buy a trailer Everything else is nonsence
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    thanks for all the great info

    Nice! always good to hoard a few parts.
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    E85 injector cleaning

    Sub'ed for the flow results and pics .
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    Make over time

    Really Really nice, is that Bowling Green plenum chrome dipped or high polished?
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    Remember 2015?

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    New to the turbo buick world

    Of course! nothing crazier then 135 mph in an old 80s G-body with no brakes ;)
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    Been A Long Time, BUT I’M BACK!

    What a sweet T, good luck.
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    62/62 BB turbo

    Maybe they sent you the wrong silicone coupler like a reducer for an e cover ,measure the inside diameter of the coupler , 4" to 4" should fit the s cover.
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    Finally got the engine out, what's recommended?

    Also if the stock nylon timing chain is still in there change it out asap even if it looks mint, it can cause big problems at any power level at any time. Removing the heads just to take a peak isn't the best idea, id wait till its necessary like blowing something or a head porting job, the...
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    Finally got the engine out, what's recommended?

    Do a 60# injector/chip flow matched combo from Eric. Best for our cars from stock up to 700 fwhp ,with great street and idle manners. might as well do valve springs since your under the covers.