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    Aeromotive Stealth Fuel Tank

    I too recently installed one of these, but I feel the fit was not perfect, I ended up having to use a longer bolt on one side, did I just not get the placement perfect? Or did others have issues?
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    More Buick Junk !!

    Shifter knob, and Grand national badges, to 70131?
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    No injector pulse but car starts with starter fluid

    Where did this ignition module come from? Had a similar issue when I tried getting my car back up recently, I ended up finding a known good pack and module and fixed my issues. Can’t afford TR6 yet
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    Bob why does dhy have spark advance as a data point but I don’t?
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    OE parts for sale( a couple new and rest used)

    Who got the coil pack, I posted in the thread and pmd
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    Starving mechanic sale

    The black fillers are the 84-87 ones? They look drilled so assuming they are ready to mount? I’m interested
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    No manual that I am aware of, but there are some youtube vids that show a few things
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    MSD 50s

    Jay Carter chips included, one street, one extreme strip (c16 or higher octane required) and one unknown, ran 26lb boost on the race chip no knock, ran 20 on the street chip
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    earlbrown, I am the person you are asking about :p I never told him it was like a powerlogger, I told him originally that it allows you to record and replay an entire set of data points, similar to the old turbolink program. And for the record I joined in 2001 and have 660 posts. Owned my...
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    Help With Scanmaster Readings Please

    Sent you a pm though, can show you a few things with Aldl app
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    Help With Scanmaster Readings Please

    Also saw the Alky and air fuel data points, so we aren’t running the same set ups
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    Help With Scanmaster Readings Please

    That’s injector pulse width, smarter people than me can explain what that is
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    Help With Scanmaster Readings Please

    Interesting you have a few more data points than mine when I do the same thing
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    Help With Scanmaster Readings Please

    I went back thru turbobuicks 101 vids, all his SM vids are non G, but if you you tube search scanmaster g bob baileys vids show up, so watch those too
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    Help With Scanmaster Readings Please

    I am not aware of any Aldl scan tool that reads spark advance and inj volts, but I’m still learning the SMG as well. There is a YouTube channel called turbobuicks 101, I suggest you watch every video starting from the first one, but there is at least one that goes over the scanmaster and what...