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    Removing weight from the governor

    Thanks for the replies
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    Removing weight from the governor

    Does anyone have governor weight removal data for a given RPM that they would care to share? I'm looking to get about another 400-600 RPM out of my tranny without having to manually shift the car. I have a column shifter and it's not exactly easy to get into each gear under WOT conditions. TIA
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    Precision Vigilante for sale

    I have a 200-4R Precision Industries Vigilante 9” lock up converter for sale...I was told by the previous owner that it needs to be rebuilt. I called Precision and they said it’s about $300 to freshen and restall. Call or text Joe at 913-244-3829 if interested. $400 obo
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    TR6 ignition and plug gap??

    What’s the most plug gap you’ve been able to effectively run with the TR6 ignition, and at what peak boost psi were you at? I need to change plugs and am going back to the CR42TS. I want to run as much gap as I can at 25 psi without spark blow out and am looking for your opinions regarding this...
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    Who does Nick McCall use to build his trannys?

    I switched over to Type F fluid and the tranny shifts SO much better...quicker, firmer, and feels like it’s more efficiently putting power to the ground. Years ago Kurtz recommended Type F and that’s all I ever ran in any of my built 200-4s with great luck...
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    Precision Industries Vigilante 9” converter for 200-4R

    I'm selling my used Precision Industries 9" lock up 3600-3800 rpm stall torque converter out of my 1986 Buick 200-4R transmission. Precision told me that it's a single disc lock up that could be modified to be a multi disc if wanted. This converter WILL need to be rebuilt; Precision typically...
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    TCC lock up question, no time to do a search.

    Cal told me that the Caspers interface harness needs to be modified for the TCC to function. The FAST sportsman doesn't have great TCC support that doesn't reference MPH.... apparently the 2.0 does. Anyhow, it's easier for me to hook up a switch or use a stand alone TCC control that...
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    TCC lock up question, no time to do a search.

    I'm needing to know what wires from the 4 wire plug that goes into the ds of the tranny that controls TCC lock up... what wires do I need to tap into? I'm going to run an old school switch up to my console with a flip switch to lock up the converter. I'm having a hell of a time getting the FAST...
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    Hughes 10" non-locking 3800 rpm stall converter.

    How about you make me a REASONABLE offer for this converter and let's get it sold.
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    Fluid Capacity???

    My car has the Hughes deep tranny pan and im installing a new converter. Any idea about how many quarts of tranny fluid I will need to get it close?
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    Who does Nick McCall use to build his trannys?

    Here's what servo I have.