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    Thanks a bunch for all ya do! Scrip $$$ in hand! OUTSTANDING!
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    Poppa Lou is THE MAN!!!!
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    87 WE4 FOR SALE

    Hey Lee, I'm doing well, thanks. Finished up the job in NC and contemplating the next one. I figure the next job needs to be at least 1000 miles away from Richard Clark, Turbo Lou, etc, so I can keep a little more of my money! :p Did make it home for a few weeks and bot to put a few hundred...
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    87 WE4 FOR SALE

    Hi Lee, how ya doing? Friday bump!
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    Turbo Tweak ECU-GN and what to expect

    Can I use this ecu to control a 4l80 transmission?
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    Questions of the decade

    How do I tell the difference between false knock and real knock?
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    Dash gauge cluster

    I was in on the original buy from NVU, and there's a reason they're cheaper. Sending units were the first problem, lighting the second, and 1 by 1, the gauges started failing. I finally pulled the dash, threw all the gauges out, and installed Auto Meters. Problem solved, but it made for a very...
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    Cummins Turbo Diesel fans?

    Following. I have a '13 and would like to know more myself.
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    Built 231 engine for sale

    Whoever gets this will be extremely pleased!
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    Huge Parts List, selling 31 yrs of Parts collecting, get it while you can!

    I e-mailed you about the 84 GN seats. Thanks!