Phoenix, AZ
My car(s)
87 Turbo Regal Limited - Lou Czarnota Built 109 Block Stroker Motor. Best Time So Far - 10.33 @ 131

2009 BMW 535i

2013 Acura TL w/ VTEC V6
Reconditioning Manager - Penske Rapid Repair


An '87 Turbo Regal that nobody wanted. Bench seat, column shifter and crank windows.... Built and tuned as a street car by Lou Czarnota. Local tuning assistance always happily provided by Nick Micale when needed......... I've got it made, guys!

The problem is this myth that after buying a clapped out TR that barely runs from the 5th owner on the original timing chain and springs, anyone can take that TR and with some paper clips, zip ties, slicks and 5 gallons of race gas go and run 10's that weekend.

I think that white T just wanted to be owned by you and somehow found you.:D

If you hate me, I've probably given you cause. Do you feel better now?



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