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    1967 Twin Turbo LT1 Corvette with 200R4

    Ok, who built the trans in that twin turbo LT1 C2 Vette making 900hp?
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    GN in Birmingham Michigan

    Whos parked in Birmingham Michigan right now. Nice ride!
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    Old Cobra 2 tuning help

    That's what I thought too. But going off of combustion theory though, timing isn't as quick and adaptive as an ecu controlled car that monitors everything. If his timing's set to just pedestrian levels for crap pump gas, would the anti knock properties of the higher fuel make it harder to burn...
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    Old Cobra 2 tuning help

    Ok, got a guy here (I've forgotten all my carb knowledge) that has an old 302 "Cobra 2" with an aftermarket Edelbrock 289? intake and an edelbrock 1405 carb. It ran fine on 87 but he put 93 in it and it runs like shit now. Would that be timing? Should be bump the timing a degree or so?
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    Why Buicks are Dying

    Yep. The latest generation Regal GS is actually a pretty cool car but just like the GN's, Buick SUCKS at promoting things. They could have a new 9000 horse regal and NO ONE would EVER know it. It's like they want to go where Olds went; soo odd. At any rate, they finally got awd and a turbo...
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    Anyone know what this is?

    I found this in my buick pile and cant remember what this is. I believe this is for the fast window mod but not sure. Anyone?
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    TurboDave has Passed Away

    I'm so sorry. RIP Dave. :(
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    Need a GN banner for the garage

    I realized before I go outside the chain of command I should check here first. Anyone here doing banners? I'd rather give the cash to a buick guy first before some noname company. I know there's someone here doing banners. Sound off.
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    What Are Some Fun Cars For $15K, WRX?

    I did a stint in the Subaru world myself and while I loved the company and the culture, buickmike's right, they're not put together too rubustly lol. They spin bearings like it's their job and they will crack a ringland if you so much as look at them wrong. And by design they're prone to KR a...
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    Mound road south today (17 Sept. 2017)

    Old guy in an 87 GN with aluminum GN rims, and ATR rear bar. Turned East on I think 13. You on here?
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    Converter, heads, 4" maf pipe, duttneck intercooler & more 4 sale

    Woops, sorry I didn't update this post with what was left. What you see in the pictures is what is left. Thanks :)
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    Converter, heads, 4" maf pipe, duttneck intercooler & more 4 sale

    Still have these parts. Anyone? :)