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    70 GTQ turbo

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    Iso bhj balancer with trigger wheel

    Have a BMS hub if you’re interested. $120. Shipped in the states. It has the cam and crank rings. Message me your phone for pics. I couldn’t get them to load here.
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    70 GTQ turbo

    Price reduced to $450. shipped.
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    70 GTQ turbo

    Have a Precision 70 GTQ with a 85 exhaust housing. 4 " inlet and 3" outlet. This is an older turbo that was just removed in working condition. $500. shipped in the lower 48.
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    Cross over pipe

    I have one that is nice but it has a flange welded in for a waste-gate. You could block it off. Message me your phone number if you want pictures of it.
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    forward clutch; no forward motion in drive

    Don's posts were interesting and his car was too. I can practically hear him explaining the apply area of the extra clutches, which makes sense. Unfortunately most of us that tried it found burnt frictions and steels and went back to stock friction counts. I am only a hobby builder not a pro but...
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    forward clutch; no forward motion in drive

    I would talk to Dave before ordering parts. Someone put an extra friction in the forward if it has 5. This may have contributed to the problem. 9 in the direct drum sounds good but has proven not to work well. Thin steels don't absorb the heat well. Also I would not use a wide band unless your...
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    Aluminum Core Support

    For sale is a super light and extremely rare aluminum core support. $300. Located in central KY.
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    Revolution X 9.5 NLU Converter

    Yes, it lost stall speed and would not spool the turbo.
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    Revolution X 9.5 NLU Converter

    Mine worked good when new but only lasted a short time. Now running a PTC.
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    Caspers 4 Wire Heated O2

    Have a new in package Casper's replacement heated 4 wire O2 sensor that I no longer need. $50 shipped in the lower 48. Part number 103008
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    .030 overbore 109 or 140 block

    I have a standard bore 140 block. If you're going to GS Nationals we could meet there.
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    NA Intake Manifold-Factory Valve Spring Dampeners & Oil Slinger

    I have these if you are still looking. Have an 85 that is complete but temp sensor is broken. Didn't check the part number but I assume they are all the same.
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    Z Code Steering Gear Box

    For sale is a correct "Z" code quick ratio steering gear box for Buick Grand National. $150 shipped in the states.