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    3000 Stall D5 Converter

    Sent you an e-mail.
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    What happen to B4Black

    WHADDUP JIM MAN!!:D So what's up with the moderator? It shows no-one as the mod now? Go figure. Just my 2 cents; B4black is a valuable resourse to our exclusive Buicks. He is very kind & always more than willing to help. A lot of obscure info. would be near lost or @ best a nightmare to...
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    Knock Gauge on B4Black Cars

    Sure will:) If I remember right, it doesn't wire up like the directions for the '87's call for though.
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    Turbine powered without exhaust

    Sorry, no web sites YET. There is a tech/newsgroup deadicated to it but is currenly closed to the public. Too many nay~sayers & flamers. Your definately on the right track with your tthinking of how it could work. Small turbine housings are being used but of the junkyaard turbo...
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    Turbine powered without exhaust

    Something sort of like this is already being done. An "on demand" only turbocharger only it's being ran completely off C02. I believe it's called the Terminator system & has been in developement for a while now. It's not as easy as hooking up a C02 line to a turbine housing but I hear it...
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    "Thermal Tuning"

    That's not a bad idea. Is the area under the intake "open" under all 6 intake runners? Something else to consider might be to use the Co2 to make an atifreeze/water solution freezing cold that you could duct to the intake & wherever else you might need a cold blast (water to air I/C maybe or...
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    "Thermal Tuning"

    Re: Re: Re: Re: "Thermal Tuning" Endless IMO. It can almost instantly freeze anything on demand PLUS it makes incredible air pressure that can run air amplifiers & pre-spoolers etc. There are @ least two other companies I know of getting ready to bring Co2 into the marketplace. It's use is...
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    "Thermal Tuning"

    Re: Re: "Thermal Tuning" That site is just one example of the potential of Co2.
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    "Thermal Tuning"

    Here's a link that SHOULD be quite thought provoking to a draw-thru turbo guy. Just think of the possibilities:eek: This is along the lines (but different in many ways) of what I'm trying to put together. It can give you all a hint anyway;)...
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    Some interesting reading

    Thanx! Lots of good info!
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    Header seal

    Thats a new one on me. I guess "Father really does know best". Maybe I'll try that on one side & see if it last longer than the bare metal side. By the way, does your Father know your giving away his secrets:confused: LOL.
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    B M Blower

    I like the way you think Greg. You alcoholic!:p One of my friends used to run very high compression in his sbc with 6/71 huffer on alky. That thing was BRUTAL! Occasionally it would blow pistons & rods right thru the side of the block:eek: I think I need something like that:D :cool:
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    Happy New Year!!

    Good luck in the year ahead!
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    New web pages

    Thats funny PAT! Now I have ammo to use against the wife:p SHe doesn't even know our own childs B-day...........SHAME SHAME! LOL:D The company doesn't still exist to my knowledge. I bought two of them from another member for around $20 each. Good investment! It should be a breeze...
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    Header seal

    Ya never know, could've been user error:o I have put a lot of passes on the car this last summer. I'm not too suprised something gave. I'm just glad it was only a few gaskets!:D