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    TR6 Cam Phasing

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    E85 from Kwik Trip?

    Got E77 from Minnocco last week off of Minnehaha
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    Alky Control Pump

    I figured out the parts from Shurflo years ago and have been rebuilding the pumps myself with zero issues and they put out 150 plus. As mentioned its 20 to 40 bucks in parts and very easy.
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    Trans pan cork gasket; install dry or w/silicone?

    Careful with sealant as there are fluid exhaust holes on the pan rail that too much sealant can ooze out and block the holes
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    Intercooler hose gm 25525232
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    Detonation at WOT

    Disconnect wastegate and go WOT and see if you get KR. That will help pin point a posible machanical false KR like a loose something rattling against frame or block and knock sensor picking that up.
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    Rear end clutches
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    Good Save, Thanks
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    Cam Sensor Rebuild Kit

    You can remove shaft by taking the screw out that holds down reluctor cup. With that said DO NOT USE FACTORY ROLL PIN! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
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    Cam Sensor Rebuild Kit

    Where are you getting .015 from? Shim stack is.... base of alum body, flat shim, wave washer then gear. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
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    KR at low boost

    I could take a peak view team viewer if you like
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    Cold starting issues

    Where did you get the Holley and tune from?
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    KR at low boost

    Batt volts low, Needs fuel at that area of map as its adding 12% post VE table as well as AFR and Timing table snap shots