Mar 30, 1982 (Age: 38)
My car(s)
1994 RX7 R2


1987 GN 67k miles -
Fuel/Igntion: (E85) XFI 2.0 680LPH twin pumps, 120# injectors, teflon fuel lines, oil/fuel logging, TR6 ignition
Motor: 250ci 109. 3 billet caps, forged, 10:1 compression. Race-ported champion heads & intake. 214/214
Trans: Century built stage 2 200r4, PTC 18 blade 9.5 NLU, supplemental cooler
Bolt-ons: PT6870 turbo, Pypres racepro catback, RJC 3" downpipe w/dump, GBP 4" intake, RJC 315 FMIC, Precsion 46mm external gate
Suspension: HR rear bar, upper/lower arms, air bags, stock springs and shocks Weld 15x9, 15x3.5
Hoosier QTP 28x11.50



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