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    Darker Shade of Fear - Pt 9

    this is about to get really interesting :D. Can't wait for part 10
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    DSofF part 8 ???

    Man, Raven we are jonesing like crack addicts lol Keep up the good work
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    A Darker Shade of Fear - Pt 6

    thanks for the links. i think the kill the threads, but thanks again anyway
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    A Darker Shade of Fear - Pt 6

    awesome, does anybody have a link to the first few parts i kinda came in, in the middle
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    A Darker Shade of Fear - Pt 5

    man your stories are awesome keep them coming
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    First Kill

    Well you also gotta factor the "bad viper driver element" i've seen plenty of guys with high priced fast cars get beat do to the fact that they couldn't drive the car properly. Either way chalk another one up for the good guys.:D
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    2nd Kill...better than the first!!!!!!!!

    Very nice kill. viper owned :D
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    killed a 71 trans-am HO today

    Ok i wasn't trying to sabotage his kill, i just had a question. and as far as the brand loyality thing, i'm love both second gen TA's and Turbo Regals, Hell i'm looking to get TR right at the moment, you can't beat them. Also i know i can't read i missed the 3.90 gear in the earlier post. I...
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    killed a 71 trans-am HO today

    Did the guy in the TA ever say what rear gear he had, I have a 78 400 TA's and most of the 400 TH350 cars had a 2.56 rear gear.Still a great kill though