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    Anyone know who restores sun visors

    Any auto upholstery shop can do that. I had mine redone last year locally. Pass side had the lighted mirror option too. Looked great but when I got home I noticed they had the grain on that one going in the wrong direction and made them redo it. Luckily I had extra material.
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    Wanted: Black Cars Matter T-Shirt (Size XL)

    LOL, thats the shirt I am wearing right now. Got to be careful where you wear it around here.
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    Chasing The Infamous BLUE/WHITE SMOKE!

    Bad exhaust valve guide was cause of mine years ago. Very intermittent but when she smoked it would fog in the neighborhood and then clear up.
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    Private poll (Names not shared)

    Still think MOOCHELLE is going to be his running mate. Then Obama gets his 3rd and probably 4th term.:mad: My real vote doesn't count as it just cancels out my wife's dumocrat vote. Not to mention being in this stupid libtard state of CT they won't go for Trump.
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    gear reduction starter, anyone using ?

    LT4 starter on mine last year. Got it from Rock Auto. No problems so far.
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    Harbor Freight jack stand recall!

    They can't even get the recall right, Have a set of the 61196 stands but they say 3 ton on them not 6 ton. I usually use a jack as a backup to jackstands.
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    God Speed Jim Anson (GNCOL)

    RIP Jim:(
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    Always leave the windshield trim piece in, no need to remove it. Pretty sure these headliners all come from the manufacturer. Correct me if you know otherwise. I have done 4 yes FOUR in my GN in the past 5 or so years. They would last about a season and start separating from the abs...
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    Need motor frame mounts

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    Ford 9"

    I tried everything to seal the tube ends but never succeeded. Two sets of brake shoes ruined. These seals just plain work, Only downside is the center section needs to be dropped out to install.