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    Harbor Freight jack stand recall!

    They can't even get the recall right, Have a set of the 61196 stands but they say 3 ton on them not 6 ton. I usually use a jack as a backup to jackstands.
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    God Speed Jim Anson (GNCOL)

    RIP Jim:(
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    Always leave the windshield trim piece in, no need to remove it. Pretty sure these headliners all come from the manufacturer. Correct me if you know otherwise. I have done 4 yes FOUR in my GN in the past 5 or so years. They would last about a season and start separating from the abs...
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    Need motor frame mounts

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    Ford 9"

    I tried everything to seal the tube ends but never succeeded. Two sets of brake shoes ruined. These seals just plain work, Only downside is the center section needs to be dropped out to install.
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    Bruce Toelle SR has passed away.

    Sorry Bruce.
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    Ford 9" I used this company's axle tube seals when I never get my axle seals to work on my Ford 9". Bearings are sealed so why have lube getting in the tubes. Been in there for about 10 years now.
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    When did I get so old????

    Just saw Peter Frampton on Monday at Mohegan Casino. Puts on a great show. On his farewell tour because of a muscle disease and wants to hang it up with live performing while still on top of his game. Doesn't have much hair left but still can play. Most of the audience were dinosaurs like...
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    Odds & Ends - front bumper fillers / headlight bezels/ driveshaft loop / brake cables / blank GM hoodliner/repro visors/Turbo Tweak alky chip/more!

    Haven't had time to take pics. They are like new. Like I mentioned, one of them does not have the bracket. They are the correct color for a GN.