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    GNX in GA?

    Sorry about bringing this post back from the dead lol, but I think that I know of the one you are talking about. I've seen it myself a few times around Columbus. It's pretty beat up and rough looking now. I've heard different stories about the guy and his car and why it went downhill. TJ
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    Empty battery case

    Haha, I'll have to do that one day.
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    production line photos

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    Pics of my Gn (56k death)

    Those have got to be some of the coolest pics I have ever seen!!:cool: TJ
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    New member intro from AL

    Haha, thanks for the props man. I'm about to get one myself. There's a few fast (and I mean fast) Turbo Buicks around here if you know where to look trust me. And as for LS1 camaro owners in Columbus, watch out. A couple of LS1tech guys lurk around with some mean set ups.:cool: But anyway...
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    New member intro from AL

    Are you the guy that I met near Everything Musical? If so, I'm Terry (TJ), that's if you are the guy.
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    I want to see some pics of GN's with girls!

    Me too please: Thanks
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    i need a grand nasty motor

    about how much will you be asking and could you send pics?
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    moving to the south ................

    Welcome. I'm sure you'll like it here in Georgia.
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    What do you think?

    :p Yeah, that would suck!!
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    What do you think?

    I hope this isn't a repost. But anyway I thought you guys might be interested in this. It seems that the new fast and the furious movie might have a certain special car in it. What are your thoughts about it? Fourth Fast & Furious Movie Nears Production Some other cars: FnF4 Daytona
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    My dilemma (sort of long, scroll down for cliff notes haha)

    Thanks for helping me with my decision guys. You are right, I can wait till after graduation to get a GN. It is not my time to own one yet. Hopefully I won't get raped when it comes to the price a few years from now:p . I will either get a Trans Am or just find a beater to run around in. I will...
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    My dilemma (sort of long, scroll down for cliff notes haha)

    I guess I see where you guys are coming from. If you have anything else or any more advice to give please do. And sverble, about that real estate comment earlier, are you involved in real estate? I always wanted to know how to get involved in that.
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    My dilemma (sort of long, scroll down for cliff notes haha)

    Yeah I know insurance for an f body could be a pain. But I guess you are right about parts being easier to find for them. Then again, that is why I am interested in a GN. I've only seen like two or three of them in my town and they are pretty original and rare cars so I would feel unique. Hardly...
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    My dilemma (sort of long, scroll down for cliff notes haha)

    Project TNX, I see what you are getting at. I would be pretty messed up if it broke down since I don't have another car for a daily driver. I definately don't have a garage to work on it in either. If you have anymore thoughts please do keep them coming. Oh and by the way, that is one beautiful...