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    WTB: turbo oil feed line (for PTE turbo saver)

    Installing a PTE turbo saver and need a turbo oil feed line (~36" long) - please PM me pics and price. Thank you
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    6466 Turbo Talk.

    interested - following. side note: if anyone decides to retire their 45a and wants to sell it, please PM me.
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    Passenger taillight completely out

    also check your light switch on the dash... my hazards, brake lights and headlights had a min of their own, working randomly or not at all. Come to discover that the light switch had gone bad - replaced with a new one and all light issued resolved.
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    WTB: Stock 86-87 turbo engine

    PM sent
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    Front timing cover with melling HV oil pump and water pump (MI)

    Looks like I ended up with a couple of reworked front timing covers with blue-printed oil pump so selling one set. Oil channels have been opened, melling HV oil pump (blue printed), water pump. Selling as complete unit. $240 + SH (paypal F&F or add 3%) Located in Michigan
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    WTB: Stock 86-87 turbo engine

    PM sent
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    WTB: Stock 86-87 turbo engine

    I am looking for a stock 86-87 turbo engine. Preferably one that ran and had good oil psi. Stock or mildly modded is fine. My engine just needs a complete overhaul and just need a driving car. Let me know if you have anything. Thanks
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    TR6 Ignition, Scanmaster, AEM wideband

    Combo price for TR6 and SM?
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    PRECISION 95lb per hr injectors

    Will they work with stock ecm?
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    Reported to moderators
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    Checkout my shopping list I need.

    pm sent
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    What does tell about the health of my cam?

    looks to be a great learning moment for my son - do you have an internship program? :unsure::geek: