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    Bob Bailey 2 Step

    Can be adjusted in increments of 100 rpm. It’s around three years old. Ran great on my 87
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    What header gaskets

    Used the fel pro kit because I couldn’t make it work cost wise to get the heads and headers decked
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    Stock engine tries to die 2-3 times at cold start

    This^^^ The 5 lines were bad and cracked on mine causing high blm
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    Stock engine tries to die 2-3 times at cold start

    You have high BLM's so u most likely have a vacuum leak... Or a pre turbo exhaust leak
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    Front shock removal

    Got em out! The sheet metal clips were in the way. Got the new KYB shocks in at all 4 corners
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    Front shock removal

    Anyone know why gm made a square hole for the round shock to come out? It doesn’t fit through it... so I can’t get it out. Are you supposed to tear the whole front of the car apart and take it out through the spring?
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    Stock turbo record

    Anyone know what the stock turbo and converter quarter mile record is? I’ve just had a random thought and want to gun for that record. Will be building a capable engine and trans combo in the near future and just want something to shoot for at the moment.
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    Looking for an 87 grill

    Just looking for an 87 grill to possibly put on my 86 wh1 to match the blackout
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    Cam bearing choice?

    The TA ones with the groves in them feed oil to the holes at any orientation. So it wouldn’t matter. I’m paranoid so I always line up the bearing holes with the ones in the block
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    Cam bearing choice?

    Or clevite... that’s what I used recommended my bison in my rebuild.
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    1987 T for sale (MI) - 2nd owner car

    with GNX Dash - will be a father/son car to work on and enjoy together.
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    Fuel pressure dropping out

    Make sure theres preload on the regulator. I had the exact same symptoms. Turn up the FP to 10 above minimum you can get from the regulator and see if that helps.
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    1987 T for sale (MI) - 2nd owner car

    * Sale Pending *