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  • I towed it 900 miles to the TurboBuick.com Nationals in March to get some dyno tuning and found a bunch of gremlins(caused by me rushing to get done). Got most of it lined-out but my new tranny was acting up. Only got a partial dyno run. At 56% throttle and 18lbs of boost it put down 497 HP. The tranny basically said he was not going to stand behind his work. My Stage III tranny from Lonnie got here last night. That is going in with a PTC 9.5" converter today. Hopefully I will be making some test runs and possibly racing TAI @ BG. The precision billet wheel turbos are pretty impressive, I would guess that the 6765 is pretty close but contact Patrick as he would know better than me. Bobby at RPE is great to work with. My cam is a hyd roller, basically a 224/224 but Bobby is pretty secretive about the rest of the cam specs other than it has .540 lift. It idles well with this cam but I think I would go larger if I were to do it over again, something like a 240/240.
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