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    Wanted - Show your GN with Gbodyparts Aluminum Wheels

    Not installed yet, but these things are pure art. Can’t wait to get them on. I got the 15x7, 15x10.
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    WTB: Dutt neck?

    Rgr, thank you sir.
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    WTB: Dutt neck?

    Anyone have a dutt neck laying around? Prefer just the neck, not a complete IC because shipping would suck to Hawaii, but if price is right would consider it. Shipping to 96789 (HI) or 90220 (CA) if need be.
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    buick stuff for sale

    Lee, can I get the .030 rings and the main bearings if still available?
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    WTB Steel Rods Stock length

    PM me your mailing info, I can send you a set of Molnar.
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    TPS sensors the good ones

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    Stage II picture thread- Let's see 'em!

    Mech injection and or nitrous would be fun. If I had more room I’d pick up a buggy or mini truck to put a spare beater stage ii in and run it NA. Might as well put all those NA parts to use.
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    Stage II picture thread- Let's see 'em!

    I have an intake just like that, split and rewelded to on center as well. Mine has bungs/holes for mech fuel inj, not regular injectors. Also has a dual carb plate. Good stuff, thank you for sharing.
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    XFI 2.0 with eDash. Still need Scanmaster?

    I have an XFI 2.0 and eDash, might be picking up a clean mostly stock 87 GN. It has the GNX cluster so has most gauges you'd normally put on the A pillar or console. I don't want to add a bunch of gauges and extra crap, want to keep it simple, but also monitor vitals. I have a fully built on...
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    Stage II heads and AC box, delete heat?

    I know it's the heater core/box that is the issue, not the AC. Like I said, I would like to keep the AC, could survive without the heater core altogether if need be. 65 degrees isn't terrible, and that is about the "worst" it gets here. I am fine with finding a different heater core, or...
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    Stage II heads and AC box, delete heat?

    I’ll PM you.
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    Stage II heads and AC box, delete heat?

    I know there is the Norbs thread, went through all 57+ pages of it the other night, and didn’t really see anything. I know Nick M has a killer Vintage Air setup that works well, but it’s out of my price range. I have seen the ATR kidney plates, read of smaller heater cores being used. I was...
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    Balancer spacer for pulley

    have more than one set by chance?
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    Anyone doing VIN checks?

    Have a GN I’d like to VIN verify if possible. Can PayPal for your time. PM me, or reply here and I’ll PM VIN. thank you in advance.