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    LED Side Marker Light Issue After Replacing Flashers, Relays??

    Have you tried the load resistor kit from I've been looking to attempt this also but haven't yet but from reading I see you can add a resistor across the circuit. Here is their kit and flasher LED Turn Signals Blinking Too Fast (Hyperflashing) - Super Bright LEDs
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    Looking for jeep steering shaft

    I got mine at mikes montes Upgraded Refurbished Used Lower Steering Shaft-23
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    Bosch 237 Regulator

    I have a 233 adjustable that worked fine when i upgraded to a billet one pm me if you need more pics...I can text or email them
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    D5 converter

    PM sent
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    Want to Buy Turbo Tweak chip for bone stock GN

    I have one for stock injectors with 91 octane. I also have a set of stock replacement bosch injectors with a few hundred miles on them. PM me an email or number I can send pics if needed.
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    Big Parts List, June 2020, tons of used and New parts

    Email sent Sfi turbo hood emblems 86 throttle body no sensors needed Black trunk molding if you have it Dash pad
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    AC compressor install pics needed

    Sent pics. Yeah can't upload anything was able to before?
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    AC compressor install pics needed

    I tried uploading some pics but it says they are too large for server I don't know how to shrink them? Send me an email at and I can reply with them.
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    Anyone ever try to paint the ratty looking firewall

    I originally did the top part of firewall while engine was in with the Technic like Twin Turbo suggested then when the motor was out I did the rest. I would recommend using Satin black it has a little less sheen than semi-gloss. Also if your plastic fender wells look kinda brown, spray some No...
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    255/50/16 Drag Radials

    I have same issue my buddies recommend these mickey thompson et street s/s using same size. I didn't get them yet to rate them but here ya go
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    I use these with good success. Just tap the wire behind.
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    Has anyone used this Alternator??

    I agree with earl if you're gonna run 200 amp alt. you should upgrade wiring. I am using a battery extender kit from Casper's rated at 200 amps and upgraded all grounds to 4 ga. (I know overkill) All the fusable links are replaced and moved from the starter to the inner fender with this kit...
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    Has anyone used this Alternator??

    I tried Kirbans 200 amp but it didn't perform well at idle with the stock size pulley running ac and dual fans etc. I ended up going with this...
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    Plastic Washers

    Forgot to mention this worked with an Acdelco compressor.
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    Plastic Washers

    It sounds like you might be looking for the seals. Here is the kit You want to use the green and yellow(gold) ones and the smaller line extension on...