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    Electronic Spark Control Module (ESC) Help!

    Thanks for the replies, gentleman. I think I am gonna just order both the tail and some ends. Can never have too much of that stuff around.
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    Electronic Spark Control Module (ESC) Help!

    In a related issue, I have a, what I believe to be, functioning ESC. However, the wires going into the harness connector that plug into the ESC are bent, fatigued, and the insulation is deteriorating. Which of course only leads to corrosion and future issues. Does anyone know the part # of the...
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    2-step limiter

    +1 for me, too. Same boat as dynoman. TR6 on standby. Running a Gen2 Translator and Bailey chip from fullthrottle. Is this something that can be resolved in the Translator (for those that have them)? Or will the chip have to be sent out?
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    Settle down, have some dip.

    Settle down, have some dip.
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    One wheel peel? non-g80

    To answer OP's question about install tips for the Powertrax, there really aren't any. The instructions are very straight forward. Took about 2 hours taking my time (on the ground). All the posts about the clicking are correct. Had a few guys at the car meets tell me my rear was going up cause...
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    Little help please with my 86 SS GN swap..

    87GNSteve is thinking what I was when I read your windup post: if it wasn't a GN/T under dash harness, that is a red flag. And I only know cause the one car I have now was a normal regal limited and I initially left the under dash harness that was in the car alone. Figured they stamped out regal...
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    Quick low voltage alternator question

    The only issue, as I am sure you can see, (and I hope I wasn't misleading when I said "chassis harness") is the grey connector. You would have to have the Impala end (maybe that would be more appropriate to classify as the "chassis" harness/connector?) if you wanted to pin out/solder/etc. I...
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    Quick low voltage alternator question

    Yes sir. It was from NAPA. Part number EC82. However, I will warn you when I bought it, they said it had the resistor built into the harness/connector and the picture they pulled up in their system even showed a heat-shrunk section in one of the wires, indicating the resistor in line like it...
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    Quick low voltage alternator question

    Spot on. Found that out the hard way when upgrading to one of those alternators. Have a home manufactured autometer dash setup due to car not coming with a cluster. Figured a switched 12v to the brown wire was all I needed. Nope. Kept blowing regulator due to it needing the factory volt lamp in...
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    electrical gremlins

    Was thinking on it some more: I had said reversed and while that IS possible, wouldn't make much sense because who really screws with the factory lighting much? Unless you redid the dash or something. Anyway, what would make sense is the switchleg for the dash and brake lights are not reversed...
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    electrical gremlins

    Not familiar with the wiring of the headlight switch/brake lights/dash lights per se. Just never had to mess with it in any of the cars I have had. But from an electrical standpoint, sounds as if you have a feed or switch leg reversed that, of course, involves your brake switch. Would look up...
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    Wideband Readings and Knock?

    Once you drop boost to make the sporadic knock you are getting to go away CONSISTENTLY, see what psi it is taking with zero issues. Let's say 17psi in 3rd, car warmed up. Cold runs after sitting, like you were at the track trying for the glory run, don't work for the street. The first flag I saw...