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    Posting Pictures

    This was posted in the previous push-back post and Mike and I wanted to start a new thread to make sure everyone caught the latest change in the date. Since masks may be required, we have decided to make pants optional...except for Lou! Be safe and let's take the extra time to fix what needs...
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    Buicks@Bates 2020 - Official Kickoff Thread

    Come One, Come All! NEW DATE: Aug 7th 2020 It’s that time again! This is your 60 day call for the 27th Annual Buicks at Bates car show and gathering. Mike and I are optimistic that the dreaded COVID19 virus that is creeping all around will hopefully have blown over and we can dust off our...
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    BendPak Quick Jack, anybody got this?

    Any update on using the new 5000# model?
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    Bates Nut Farm Car show June 2nd 2019.

    Bitchin' tattoos for the kids! :cool::p:D
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    Roll Call - Bates 2019

    Lets get a rolling list of those headed South and West for this years Buicks@Bates! 1. Eric - (Sd=Slider)
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    Bates Nut Farm Car show June 2nd 2019.

    Looks like Sunny and 75 for the show! Love our January weather. :)
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    Spoolfool's new Drip-Lip, oil leak catch thingy.

    It's been almost a year and I still have ZERO drips under the GN! Fit and finish are on point with little to no adjustment for the install. The coolest part is it is manufactured to overlap the key paths the oil would normally take on its way to the floor. I am on the original SpoolFool panty...
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    Bates Nut Farm Car show June 2nd 2019.

    For those of you on Facebook, Instagram, etc., please be sure to visit and "Like" the event sites and pages as the vendors get all tingly when they see the number of peeps we have in our community and tend to be even more generous. Buicks@Bates Facebook Link...
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    Bates Nut Farm Car show June 2nd 2019.

    Woo Hoo! We will be having more of the same family friendly activities that make this event a blast for the whole family. Spread the word that this is a family event and all are welcome! We will again have the inflatable bounce house, face painting, a revamped coloring contest, as well as two...
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    Chasing KR issues

    Took advantage of the rain and replaced the plugs while she's grounded.
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    Chasing KR issues

    Done. Raining like hell here so no traction to test her for a few days. Thanks for the feedback.
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    Chasing KR issues

    Not yet.