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    Couple of NOS parts / Cold Air Kit For Sale

    Send me your payment info. Robert
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    laptop works great 225.00

    laptop Might be interested, can you tell me exactly what you have, what is included, and what year it is. Also, is the battery any good. Any info would help,maybe a pic? Thanks Robert
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    My new turbo project

    Sweet- I would put some masking tape over the exposed valves though...:D
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    Timing Chain

    Are the stockers in the 3.8 still that funky partial plastic gear thats used on the v8's??:confused:
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    Autocraft Front Bumper?

    Sorry-shoot me, I think it looks sharp.:biggrin: Robert
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    The official tips you've learned from experience thread.

    After the bolt is hot, stick a parafin candle on it- the heat will melt the wax and it will wick up the threads, makes it easier to remove.:cool:
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    turbo 6 holloween pumpkin

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    WTS-ATR Single Shot & other parts

    I'll take the billet block. Please PM me. Thanks Robert
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    Car photo with fall colors in background

    I'll trade you a bi-turbo supercharged rabbit diesel with 7-1/2" pistons, 12 stage craftsman wet/dry nitrus dioxides system and a custom fart ca... - I mean bordla stainless steel chrome exhaust,NMT racing slicks, and a custom carbonfiberboard 60 inch wing for the Grand Prix if you throw in $5k...
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    Couple of NOS parts / Cold Air Kit For Sale

    cold air Dibs on the c/a system pending a question- is there any type of modification tothe car to mount this and do you have all the associated hardware?? Please PM me. Thanks Robert
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    I'm an Outlaw!

    blackmail Let it go. Its not worth the ulcer. If this guy has been around for a while he probably is a member of "the good 'ole boys" network, and your attempts to get him in deep doo doo will be for naught. You lost $600. Eat it and get on. Life is too short and Karma's a b--ch.:wink:
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    2x Chrome Up Pipe

    uppipe pm sent
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    Scanmaster 2.1

    Also interested- pm me. Robert
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    HD Adjustable Wastegate

    Forgive my ignorance- would this be a good replacement for the stock wastegate on the stock turbo? ( In line please )PM me. Robert
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    SMC alky kit (non-progressive)

    alky Interested- ill pm you 415 265 0 three three 4 ( pm not working call me- i'll prob take it, if just to play with.) Robert