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    Revolution X 9.5 NLU Converter

    It's actually a precision 6676E.
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    Revolution X 9.5 NLU Converter

    I'm sure I can send it back, just a pain since I just got the new trans/converter installed. I'm building a new engine so I'll probably wait until this winter when I have the engine out to have the converter restalled. I've also been thinking about swapping to a faster spooling turbo so I may do...
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    Revolution X 9.5 NLU Converter

    Anybody else order a RevX 9.5 NL and have it come in way too tight? I have a TE-45A turbo and was wanting around 3300 @0 PSI but I'm getting 2600@ 0 PSI and it has major lag now.
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    Racetronix fuel line upgrade kit

    I don't understand why Racetronix can't/won't send instructions with their products.
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    thinking about a TR6 - coil options?

    I swapped my stock module/Type-II coil set up for a TR6/D955A set up and was able to increase my plug gap from .020' to .030"....maybe I had a bad part causing me to require a tight gap before but I took it as the new set up provided a stronger spark.