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    How does this go on? Rad. Sup deflector

    Grassdoctor & captndave beat me to pics, lol Working on some 3D printed replacements, as they are hard to find, Took me 2 months of asking, FINALLY found a set as my DS was broken, and I've seen quite a few cars with that block broke.
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    Weather striping

    Check with Fairchild Industries, they are the only ones making weatherstips out of latex, same as OEM, definitely stay away from Metro seals, installed them on my Grand Prix and they SUCK, Replaced with a set of Steele, much better product that actually worked, patiently awaiting for the new...
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    Scanmaster 2.0 Readings, Need Help with Knock

    I chased knock with my car for months, previous owner had boost cranked to high heaven, toned it down, still had knock, installed an RJC PowerPlate, knock disappeared, some the best money I've spent on my T, it paid for itself last year with mileage gained. Verify what boost your chip was burned...
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    oil catch can setup

    Made a custom bracket out of 304 Stainless mounted to the turbo shield for mine, running just the PCV valve thru it, with a check valve from US plastics.
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    window / door weather strip

    Thanks for the update, this is VERY promising, cannot wait for them to come out!!!!!!!!!
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    Upper Dash Screws

    Have faith, Ive got a master catalog, let me look for something this weekend, Ive got to find a couple more clips for my T, let me see if I can find you something, I'll take my catalogs over websites any day.
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    Upper Dash Screws

    Finally, someone else understands!!!!!!!
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    Upper Dash Screws

    Au-Veco will have the screws your looking for, the only issue, is you have to buy them thru a distributor, check they’re website for a dealer local to you, they have just about every, bolt, clip or screw needed for our cars.
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    New oil catch can thread

    I took a different route, since this thing is so big, with limited space in the engine bay, I fabricated a custom bracket out of 316 Stainless Steel, used the turbo shield bolts as an attachment point, all in all, thing works great, and no longer am I getting oil sucked up into my intake from...
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    Canadian eh

    So, grass doctor, How long did it actually take you to get your order of “simple” parts????
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    Trans not down shifting out of overdrive.

    Sounds as though torque converter may be staying in lock up, unplug it and see if that helps, you will know right away if that's the issue, I've had the issue due to my own negligence. I've had numerous G bodies that I've installed overdrive transmissions in, with the lock up controlled by a...
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    Mike is a great guy to purchase from, ECM came packed to withstand a tornado, shipped promptly provided tracking #, would not hesitate 1 bit to buy more parts from him if he ever has anything that I need. Thank you Mike, it was a pleasure!!!!!
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    front dam spoilers and louvers

    Just a heads up, Mikes Montes has the best price available for new front air dams.
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    window / door weather strip

    Have you tried to contact them yet?? They aren’t showing up on their website yet that I can see