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  • Reaper, we spoke today regarding the catalog. My name on here is bravesoul1
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    It was good talking to you. I hope you can find a honest and good Mechanic for you TTA.
    Reaper saw your add abt the 3 inch tach buick i have 1 in my car it lights up but does not move i had a key made for it today that didnt help needle goes backward when i turn it poped the hood i see a green wire but have no idea where to plug it into the dash stock tach works but this one dosent just wondered if you had a clue where that 1 green wire sitting under the hood goes to make this work thanks Ted
    Reaper. Thanks for the help last night. I'm gonna try to replace the coolant sensor tomorrow.
    hey reaper saw your post what are you taking for the seats? and also those new seats look great what brand are they ?
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