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    Here is a thread about a stock replacement solution from TA:
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    2-Step Mount/Bracket

    Scott, That product is exactly something I have been wishing for as I tuck away my MaftPRO, Alky control box and now maybe my 2-step in the glove box. The plastic glove box is shaped and size such that the wiring doesn't have a easy path when tucked away, and creating just a bracket to...
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    Just installed billet 5857 turbo but having smoking problem

    You mentioned that the oil smell is faint. Could it be just the "normal" leaks that the Turbo V6 has? one good source of oil smell is the leak that occurs on the back of the manifold and drips onto the crossover? Or maybe a Valve cover leaking onto the header? There was also a...
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    Catastrophic engine damage..due to installing trans/conv wrong

    Are the dimensions for the crank available? Like is there a spec that draws specifically what the distances are like overall from front to back or something of that nature? This was definitely a lesson learned for me. Even though we got through it by removing material from the converter...
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    Catastrophic engine damage..due to installing trans/conv wrong

    Did you ever figure out the root cause of this? I can share a story that ended up differently. After installing a stroker 109 into my T, we went ahead and proceeded to bolt up the transmission. Upon getting the tranny housing near the block, it seemed very tight up against the converter...
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    Swapmeet Seller with the Duramax Dually

    I think I know whom you are talking about as he had some great racer stuff there. This might be a guess but could help, I think his name was Frank and he had a TSO car there too?
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    Transmission Jerk

    Could be worthwhile to check the driveshaft U-joints for wear?
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    Custom chips...

    I think that question was for SalvageV6, and I am sure he will reply as he has good understanding but I will add my thoughts on it. I think that comment was meant for stock type chips that don't use the extended airflow metering. The Turbotweak chip only measures to 255g/sec like the stocker...
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    Custom chips...

    Just as an aside, keep in mind that you can get even more flexibility and adjustability by going the translator/MAFTPro route too. Both can use the LT1/LS1/Z06 MAF which can measure up to 768g/s air (with the extender extreme).......The MafTPro takes it even further by allowing Speed Density...
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    Conleys Performance Sheetmetal Intake

    What Throttle Bodies will bolt up to the intake?
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    Looking For Turbolink Scan Tool Software

    That was it exactly. Thanks a ton for pointing me to it, it's a huge help....
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    Looking For Turbolink Scan Tool Software

    Can you post the location of the software or how you found it?
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    How to pull the low/reverse center support?

    Pulling it out isn't that difficult as you can just push on the output shaft once you get the snap rings out of there. Putting it in is a real challenge without the tool as it needs to go in squarely so it slides into its home, hard to do without the special tool. There are different...
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    RJC Racing

    I just installed the RJC exhaust with the RJC Downpipe. Fit is really good. I have an HR Sway bar and my previous exhaust (Kenne Belle 2.5") had tailpipes that hit the end links. The RJC system clears the sway bar and everything else. The slant cut tailpipes look killer on there...
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    Can't access "A/C on" parameters on extender chip

    Likely your AC has lost it's Freon charge and the pressure switch is not being activated. As a fix to access the extender parameters, there is a sensor on the AC Accumulator (that vertical cylinder near the heater box) if you unplug the connector and short the wires together, you can access...