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    Exhaust hanger.

    I bought this one off amazon, and like previous have said drilled out the rivets. The rubber is great quality and it bolts right in.
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    ECU-GN to Samsung Galaxy S5e via Shadow Dash

    Nice!! Did you take a video of your drive?
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    thinking about a TR6 - coil options?

    What do you think of it? What are some differences you are seeing stock vs TR6? Did your stumble go away?
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    Bay Area Group

    I'm in Stockton about an hour from Sacramento
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    Billet Vacuum block w/ port for vacuum brakes

    Looking for a billet vacuum block for vacuum brakes. Let me know if you have one to spare.
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    TR6 Ignition

    Purchased a TR6 module form a board member. They had the module remote mounted and the harness was cut but I soldered the connections back together and was left with 3 wires. I know the orange and gray are to set up the 2 step, but I also have a black wire left. Is this for grounding...
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    Vacuum Brake Question

    Yeah the pedal does harden up. I just pumped the brakes with the car off.
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    Vacuum Brake Question

    I have completed a vacuum brake conversion on my 87 T. I am now experiencing a soft pedal when and the pedal stays on the floor for a bit. 1. I tied in the to the PVC vacuum line. 2. I have tried to bleed brakes 3 times and have seen no air and no change in pedal feel. 3. The master...
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    Door Panel Escutcheon Set

    I just wanted to provide some more clarification just in case. Does anyone have singles they are willing to sell? Thank you
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    Door Panel Escutcheon Set

    Looking for a escutcheon set for both driver and passenger. Driver quality just no peeling chrome.
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    Checking Injectors

    Thank you Boost231.
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    Checking Injectors

    Hello all, Purchased some injectors from the board. Wanted to get them checked out and make sure they are functioning properly. I had read old post that mentioned someone on the board does it. By any chance anyone able to point me in the direction of who? Thanks
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    Scanmaster G and GNS 4 gauge POD

    PM sent