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    NOS Front Air Dam/Deflector Baffle GM 25504739

    NOS Front Air Dam/Deflector GM part # 25504739. $160 plus shipping
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    b pillar trim

    Do you still need?
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    Complete T top roof with tops & interior trim

    Selling complete t top section from 86 cutlass 442. Top is in good shape with just minor surface rust. T top rails in nice shape. I purchased this as future replacement top for my Hurst Olds but have sold the car. Sale includes t-top section, t-top windows and latches, and complete t-top...
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    New Gray shifter handle $30 shipped

    New shifter $30 shipped.
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    Regal Hub caps and hood ornament

    Caps-$60 shipped for all 5 Ornament-$5 or free with hubcap purchase
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    Radiator top plate for fans

    Radiator top plate from v8 cutlass. $85 shipped.
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    Console Shifter and cable

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    Console Shifter and cable

    Selling shifter and cable. $125 shipped
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    Full set of door hinges

    Set of door hinges. Spare set that I pulled from a cutlass that I parted out. $75 shipped
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    Suspension/braking/steering parts

    Steering box sold
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    Custom Q Logic speakers panels & Infinity speakers

    Cable needs to be pulled a few inches to side. ECU tray is used to move it under glove box.