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    Stock stretched intercooler? Whatever it is, it's for sale - Houston

    Cleaning the garage out and found this. You can cut the old ice box off and it would be a perfectly good IC. Make offer....I'm near Memorial Park in Houston. Not shipping this thing.
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    Who did I piss off?

    What oil did you use at last change? Is it possible someone tampered with the oil before you poured it in? If it was an oil change place, maybe someone was pissed at them and contaminated a 55 gallon drum of oil. Seems to me this vandalism happened at the time the oil was put in the motor...
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    Like new TE60 turbo....$450 shipped

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    TA-49 Turbo....$425 shipped

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    Fiberglass Bumper Fillers 4pc NIB

    sold pending
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    Fiberglass Bumper Fillers 4pc NIB

    Front and rear fiberglass bumper fillers. NIB $80 shipped
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    Wheel Arch Molding Set - Black

    I caught the right-rear of the GN on the edge of my storage unit and damaged the molding. I ordered the set, but only used the RR. I'm including the original piece that is slightly damaged and could be repainted. $85 shipped
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    Turbo Identification help

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    Turbo Identification help

    It might be. I can't find a thread with documented markings on the stocker. The car this one came out of had the stock chip in the ECM, but an adjustable wastegate was on the turbo. Doesn't the stock turbo have a "Garrett" ID plate attached? I thought i read that somewhere.
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    Turbo Identification help

    Can someone please identify? I've never owned a stock turbo, so maybe that's what it is.
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    Turbo 6 Emblem

    What were those used on? Early GNs?
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    TA-49 Turbo....$425 shipped

    sold pending
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    87 T running stupid when it feels like it

    I've never had the problem, but they say the crank position sensor hitting the reluctor ring can cause havoc.