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    Silver '87 Turbo T, 51k original miles

    Looks like RV antifreeze perhaps
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    Brand new rear Qa1 double adjustable coilovers

    The OP's part number is for soft (170# springs) the number you provided is for firm (300# springs). I can't help as to which is a better setup, but I was curious myself and thought I'd pass the info along.
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    Another backspacing question

    Did you end up pulling the trigger on the Boss wheels? If so how did they work out for you? Pictures/details would be a welcome addition to the official wheel/tire thread.
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    2nd on wires if dhos passes. Thanks
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    Steering Column lock, trunk seal

    PM imcoming on the trunk seal.
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    1987 t top gn 43,000 original miles

    Tried calling you back. Couldn't leave a message because your mailbox is full.
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    1987 t top gn 43,000 original miles

    Nice GN! I sent you a PM.
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    Advise on buying another GN

    I'd say If you can afford to pay cash for it go for it. If its as nice as you say then at that price you really can't lose. If you end up regretting it you can just sell it to me. ;)
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    Remote Keyless Entry Module

    I'll take it. Pm sent
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    Accel Dfi (ecm) spark/fuel management (batch fire) mint condition

    What does that funny looking square thing in the last picture do? ;)
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    87 GN For Sale in Michigan

    I tried to contact him on two different occasions and have not received a reply. I'm going to assume its been sold, but you never know.
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    Te44, scan master plus some nos goodies

    Should I assume the wheel is sold to me?