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    Double Pumper system

    I'll take it if it works.
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    Double Pumper system

    Almost $1,000 woah. Anybody got an old Red Armstrong DP for sale?
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    Double Pumper system

    I'm looking for a complete double pumper fuel system. Must have hobs switch. Thanks.
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    NEW ac compressor??

    I'm doing the same thing. It would be great if somebody put together a part # list.
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    precision front mount

    Could you post pics of the front mount please? Thanks.
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    Is this real?

    I did some digging on this car and found this:
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    Ring gap on 3.8 rebuild

    By all means you don't have to take my suggestions but, for a stock rebuild (stock boost level) I use the factory gaps. On a high boost engine I like .020" top and bottom gap.
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    Hooker Exhaust for a Turbo Regal

    Good deal right here ^ I've had my Hooker system for 9 years and it's solid.
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    TurboBuick Stuff For sale

    Thanks for the reply!
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    TurboBuick Stuff For sale

    So you only have 8 head studs?
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    New GN Owner

    Follow cruzn57 link he posted. Lots of good info on that site. I would change all of the fluids, filters. & don't forget the fuel filter. If there isn't one on it already invest in a "hot wire kit" for the fuel pump. Easy to install and insures you get the proper voltage to the pump. Get a...
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    Precision front mount intercooler

    Good deal.
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    I received the intercooler as described. Thanks James!
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    James just sent me tracking info and proof of shipment. Should be here in 2 days. Thanks!