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    Timing chain rubbing the cover

    I'd take off the chain and gears. Put the cover back on. Take out the lifters and check the end play of the cam.
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    pistol info

    You don't know what I mean about the first pull on a new mag?
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    Charging issue

    The running load and draw are the same thing. I would think high load is the only way that's gonna get hot.
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    Master cylinder bore size question

    The smaller master cyl piston gives more force like Chuck said at the cost of more distance/pedal travel. Yours may be bottoming out before you get to the right force. Is the pedal soft or hard?
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    Gear change

    To make the best decision on the gears you need to make sure it has the right torque converter. Bison is a great resource and he probably knows what your combo should run and has it committed to memory. Based on his input regarding the power and torque curves he can recommend a converter...
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    I live in a house of bad luck !!!

    Prayers and well wishes to you and family.
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    Fuel pressure problems

    Down by the crank pulley do you still have the factory fuel lines with the rubber section? If so jumper the fuel pump to run and slowly pinch the rubber return line and have a helper observe the pressure. You should be able to get it up to 80 psi. This would simulate 35 psi boost pressure...
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    Fuel pressure problems

    I'm not saying you should drive it more. However when it reached 20 psi was it pulling clean or how was it behaving?
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    Coils/Springs LABOR

    That's works fine but it's bending quite an arc at first, where it can spit out. The chain is a good idea.
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    Coils/Springs LABOR

    Part of why shops quote high is they need top quality tools like said spring compressor. A large spring in a compressor demands respect and some terror thrown in. They quote labor high so they don't lose time if something won't come free on a 34 year old car.
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    Still no brakes after bleeding

    Many times if I suspect air way up near the master, I will crack those lines as helper pushes the pedal. Close them as pedal nears bottom. It's similar to bench bleeding it.
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    Stock Turbo Failure

    The intercooler trapped it, I'm fairly certain. But after I wrote this I wonder if it can even fit through the compressor cover.
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    AR at work..

    Knuckle sammich only goes so far when staring down some serious hardware.
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    AR at work..

    I answered my own question after some digging. The bald guy who wanted to be shot got his wish. Maybe he was actually suicidal. Maybe he though he was bulletproof.
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    AR at work..

    The videos are hard to watch. Did the bald guy get shot eventually? He wanted to.