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    Great stuff for sale

    Paypal for another 21 sent to cover shipping and fees. Please let me know when it ships.
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    Great stuff for sale

    Yep, My apologies, Thought the shipping was included. I sent the extra 5 bucks to cover your PP fees not for shipping. I will send another 20 bucks now.
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    Great stuff for sale

    I will take the new trans Pan PP has been sent.
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    Few new and used parts

    Funds sent for Bushings and stainless drain pipe.
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    Few new and used parts

    sent you a text with question.
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    Complete Setup for Someone wanting to do some upgrades.

    Interested but need a price.
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    Turbonetics 70/68 BB turbo For sale or trade

    I purchased a car a while back for a parts. it had an engine with a new Turbonetics turbo that had been on the car ~20 miles before the guy popped the head gasket. The turbo is too large for what i need and am offering it up for sale or trade. I put it on my car just because my stock turbo took...
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    Stock engine in DFW,TX

    PM sent.
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    .030 J&E Forged Pistons

    PM sent
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    87 long block

    What part of La are you in? Was it in running condition when you pulled it? Pm sent
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    23 years of GN Parts HOARDING with pics and HUGE PARTS LIST+ - yes I take Paypal

    Still waiting on shipping cost on Block we discussed in PM. Can you let me know please sir.
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    WTB "109 block"

    Is it a standard bore 20 bolt pan? Can you tell me what shipping would be to 79756? Thanks, Very interested....
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    G Body Parts tubular control arms

    PM sent with question
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    5.3L Turbo Engine, 87 Cutlass Roller, Tons of Racing Parts

    Sir, I would like to have this "Turbo buick factory block with RJC girdle and hardware - $250 OBO" Sent you a PM.