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    Passenger side under dash kick panel

    You are referring to the insulated black panel above your feet? If so I have that piece. $30 plus shipping . Can get pics today if interested Thanks Austin, N2BUICK
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    Wanted: Clean original 86-87 Radiator Top plate

    I have 3 one good other 2 not. They would both refinish good. One was a turbo car cover but appears someone removed the top mounting for the IC fan? $100 plus shipping each on complete ones. $50 on modified one plus shipping. That long of a box is going to be factor in cost to ship? Thanks...
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    Aluminum bumper reinforcement

    Did you ever find the aluminum bumper supports? I have 2 sets $150 each $300 set. Im in Oklahoma city which may be a problem Thanks Austin, N2BUICK
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    AC Accumulator Bracket

    Bracket for accumlator. Is this what your looking for? $20 shipped in lower 48. LMK
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    ISO GM Fuel Pump Hanger

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    ISO GM Fuel Pump Hanger

    Here is a stock unit. Can't speak to fuel gauge level sender accuracy, but who can. Was only allowed to post 1 pic will PM others $75 shipped to lower 48.
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    GNX style dash cluster

    This is an gauge cluster with no mechanical gauges. This was in my 1987 T., which I bought as a roller. I have never used this dash and the components came with the car. The cluster was special made to adapt to a turbo regal car. I saw the car was driving in 2006 I believe, local OKC car. The...
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    Oil pressure relief valve spring retainer

    I have one if your still needing one.
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    Power master cycling to often

    I never listened for that sound but i will. Pressure switch and accumulater have been changed in the past. The car gets driven maybe once a year is a big problem. I thinking in the past when the power master was giving trouble it would seem to get better if i would drive the car more. I need to...
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    Power master cycling to often

    86GN power master problem. The brakes are good stops never an issue there. Consistent cyling is the issue. Leave key on, power master pump will cycle every 1 min, 45 seconds. I have read the trouble shooting material and its not clear cut on what to do. I suspect an internal fluid leak What is...
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    Help identifying a few brackets please...

    This pic of the fender may help. This is part of a friends wall art .
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    GN power steering box

    Not sure where to post this . I am trying to find out more about a PS steering box. Hoping someone could help. Former owner had it rebuilt, it has been powered coated silver. I am including a pic of data on the input shaft. Its lock/lock is just under 2.5 turns. Isn't this similar to all GN...
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    I have pieces of two assemblies for sale. AC evaporators are gone, still have heater coils. I saw someone posted needing a specific part of the assembly but cant locate the post? Another board? These peices are $40 each plus shipping. PayPal to FF
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    Paid Subscriptions - Please read

    Yes agree with pay subscription. These ads and my cell phone don't play together well.