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    First 87 1 Blown Head Gasket....HELP!!

    When you do get back up and running, consider the scan master people have mentioned as a critical part the car cannot run without. Almost as important are a wideband o2 (AEM is $165 with the gauge), a boost gauge, and a fuel pressure gauge. You'll spend $500 but have all the information...
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    First 87 1 Blown Head Gasket....HELP!!

    You gotta flex this Buick's muscles or they atrophy. Get it up to temp when it's fixed and then hammer it. You can drive a Park Avenue like granny. In all seriousness the factory digital boost gauge/tach is useless.
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    Turbo 400 vs 200r4

    That’s interesting. I wonder if you can get a manual valve body for that Ford 4r200? I like shifting my own gears.
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    Vent/return line swap

    As best I recall, the return at the fuel hat is 5/16” but necks down to 1/4” at the tip. I cut that part off and used 5/16” fuel injection hose from the vent hard line, which is 5/16”, to fuel hat return line.
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    First 87 1 Blown Head Gasket....HELP!!

    I'm going to go the opposite direction of tirefryer on this one- just pull both heads and redo with stock style GM head gaskets and ARP bolts. With the top end off you can get an idea of what shape the cylinders and cam are in, but I wouldn't go tearing into anything that doesn't need it...
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    First 87 1 Blown Head Gasket....HELP!!

    Head gasket replaced in 2015, fuel pump replaced, and fuel pump replaced again....Might be the stock wiring isn't delivering proper voltage to the pump, car is leaning out and knocking like crazy at WOT with the timing in the original chip.
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    First 87 1 Blown Head Gasket....HELP!!

    If you have basic mechanical knowledge and some tools this would be a good opportunity to learn how to work on these cars. You'll be more satisfied in the end. I'd certainly recommend having someone that knows them look it over for you anyway, as there may be other things that need...
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    2 cents 85 gn

    Owner should be beaten with a fan belt just for letting one of these cars get to that condition. Then a second time for that asking price.
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    Hot air - electric fan

    I just measured, the intrepid fans are about 26.25" wide.
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    Took a few shots last night

    I think on another forum the owner said the rears were either 285/35's or 285/40's. This thread is nearly 10 years old, and the owner hasn't posted in almost 5 years....What type of spacers are you running for those wheels?
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    Hot air - electric fan

    Dodge intrepid fans fit between the radiator end tanks like they were made for it. Junkyard or rock auto. Mine are controlled with a harness from casper’s. I bought a DC Control FK45 fan controller for the electric fans on my mustang, which is even simpler and uses a temp probe in the...
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    E85 for relatively stock TR

    Good suggestions. I'm around 11.1 to 11.3:1, timing in 3rd at 18 degrees. Street car. I have the tt chip set to add around 15% more fuel, if I go the full 20% I can dip into the high 10 range. The injectors are getting worked hard for sure, but still fine for now. I've played around with...
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    Series II L67 Grand National??!!??

    Any updates on this build? I still see a lot of L26 and even several L67's in the parts yard. With all the LS swaps it seems these engines are skipped over by swappers.
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    E85 for relatively stock TR

    If you're keeping it close to stock boost levels with a stock turbo the hot-wired 255 pump, stock lines, and 60's should be fine. I run a walbro 450 and 80's to hit 28psi with a Te44 turbo, still stock fuel lines.
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    Looking for an Evaporator Core

    I have one, but one of the lines is kinked, see photo. If it's worth it to you (or anyone else) for repair I can certainly let it go for a reasonable price. I have more pics as well.