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    T56 Swap

    When photobucket started charging years ago, I pulled all my pictures and shut off my account. I've still got all the pictures on my computer. I could round them up and send them to anyone who is interested (email me: I'd love to go back through my old GN build and this...
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    Custom Machined Front Engine Plates.

    I have a cad file for a stock timing cover/ oil pump setup, but it requires you to use an electric water pump because the motor plate goes between the pump and timing cover. Is that what you are looking for? It would still require fitment for your accessories.
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    Stage 2 TT street car

    Yes, on the A1 to A3. I would bet that it's already done on the adapter harness, but check. You can get a better layout of the pins here. The help file in the software has lots more notes about...
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    Stage 2 TT street car

    Not likely a FAST setting. Where (degrees) is you cam sync currently supposed to happen. You can datalog cam sync to see if the reading is erratic. If it is, you probably have a noise issue. Also, double check your adapter harness. The ECU has two possible cam sync inputs, Inductive and...
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    Stage 2 TT street car

    Are you using a stock GN engine wiring harness with an FAST adapter harness? Or a FAST stand alone harness?
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    Stage 2 TT street car

    Another idea. Did Cal send you a whole new file to try? Or are you working from some old file that's been modified multiple times? It might be worthwhile to start with a whole new tune file, maybe the old one is corrupt. I'll be honest, if Cal has helped you and he couldn't find it, It's...
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    Stage 2 TT street car

    You don't need a fuel pressure sensor on the FAST. It was just one of the parameters on your dash (circled red below). Notice FP correction circled green. I'm not sure if that shows whether the fuel pressure correction is turned on or not, but you should check it. If you don't have the fuel...
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    Stage 2 TT street car

    Also, What is your crank reference angle in the XFI? I made a jig for Chris so he could move the trigger wheel on those ATI balancers to 50 BTDC. I don't know if he did that to yours or not. That's not likely your cause though if it starts in flood mode.
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    Stage 2 TT street car

    Key on, engine off your fuel pump should have primed and you should be showing some fuel pressure. It says 0 above. FP correction is 80%. Does the fuel pressure ever show anything? It's possible you have fuel pressure, but the sensor, settings or wiring has issues. If you have 42 lbs. of...
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    DRTURBO69 - Negative

    Bump, so nobody forgets this guy is a POS. Looks like he's replying to wanted adds via profile posts. @drturbo69 I haven't forgotten.
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    XFI and stock ECU Electrical Connectors

    I had these left over from my turbo buick build. $25 shipped for everything. All 4 connectors (x2) for an xfi ecu with both size pins. Use them for repair or build a new harness. I also have both XIM connectors. And Finally pins for a stock turbo buick ECM connector.
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    -10 AN fabricated aluminum Catch Can

    Yes, It's still for sale.
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    GN T-Type cartoonish print framed

    Yes, there are 4 cars. I think the one behind the glare is white. A black GN, WH1, Grey T and White T.
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    GN T-Type cartoonish print framed

    I'll have to measure it when I get home tonight, but from memory. ~20" x 16"