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    Bruce Toelle SR has passed away.

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    AC Delco Ignition Module

    Summit shows about the same deal. (Theoretically) Although a few weeks out.
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    Optima Red Top Battery Info Request...

    Optimas are not the same anymore. Having great luck with Odyssey 1500's.
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    Fresh set of ported iron heads!!!

    Stopping by San Jose anytime soon?
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    Possible alternator problem

    Sounds like you are on the right track. If you don't have a volt meter go buy or borrow one. Charge the battery and check voltage. Start car and it should go up. Turn on bright headlights, fan, and defroster. Voltage should still be above your non running number. Mark E.
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    My billet TA block on Methanol/E85 w/ 160lb injectors and a Gen2 'street' car build.

    Cool! Cant wait to see it run again. Mark E.
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    Come on dude, $52k....rly?

    Wife said put the car on ebay. Sure. Its on ebay.
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    1984 TIME CAPSULE.

    Did you ever find the thermostat housing? Found one in my stash/hoard that looks just like it. GM number 25517444
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    Gas smell from braided lines

    Yup. It is the lines. Teflon for the win. I used the Fragola from Summit. Worked well.
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    accumulator ball

    I'd take $250. Where are you located?
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    Buddy's GN Died Suddenly No Spark???

    2 Pink/blk at the ign module must be hot. One at the end and the third in if memory serves me. If so then crank or cam sensor as noted above.
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    accumulator ball

    Have a NOS in the box never mounted one. Shoot me a pm if interested.
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    I would like to install a turbo v6 in a A body chassis a 1965 Le mans to be specific.

    I just fabbed a couple of tabs off the crossmember and welded them on. After I removed the stock pads.
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    WTB breather tube from passenger valve cover to turbo

    The can without the grommet is available at any auto store. Fram and or Wix make it.