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    Spal fans

    Does anyone run them? Where to get them? Plug and Play setup? Thanks
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    11.23 @ 125.5 TTA #1437

    Went to the track and ran my car for the first time in 8 years last night. It has been a long time coming and a big monkey off my back going to the track and not breaking the car. These passes are through the full exhaust. I believe I have maxed out the single nozzle and will be hooking up the...
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    TTA Ported heads and 3'' THDP

    What turbo to run the 10.55?
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    Fan switch

    Has anyone ever wired a manual cooling fan switch in? If so could you share how? Thanks
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    Hey man. I need to get a 3" MAF pipe for my TTA. I am still running the stock MAF with the...

    Hey man. I need to get a 3" MAF pipe for my TTA. I am still running the stock MAF with the Filter located down low in front of the tire. Do you still sale the pipes?
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    My Turbo 6.0 LY6 4l80e build

    What kind of seats are those? Your car build is A+!
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    109 Block

    Need an uncut 109 Block. Located in Alabama.
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    Bullet cam..

    Who CNC'ed the 317's?
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    How about an Updated TTA ET List?

    Formally posted under my dads handle (Bobtempest) - Rob Hinson - 10.67@130 mph poppin headgaskets at the 1000 foot mark. Pump gas with Julio's kit.
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    Using a TTA as a driver.

    I went 10.6 at 131 popping head gasket at 1000' mark. I tried oringing heads, cometic, victor reinz silicore (stage 2 gasket). Julio's car went 10.5 at 130ish something and popped head gaskets frequent. Same with JD's TTA. Keeping heads down on these cars with that high of cylinder pressures is...
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    Using a TTA as a driver.

    I will include people like JD, Razor (Julio), and Myself who will beg to differ on this. There is a limit with a TTA head. And that limit is 130mph. We have been there done that testing. Cylinder pressures and poor combustion/exhaust combustion. Either put GN heads on it or leave these cars...
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    Anyone need a TTA crank and Pistons?

    Still have a stock crank?
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    Original TTA rotating assembly and cam

    Im interested in the crank. PM'ed you.
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    blocks and parts for sale

    Is this a Turbo Crank? PICS?