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    PCV ( Positive Crankcase Ventilation ) Question

    If using open valve cover breathers, delete the PCV valve. Reason being, with the open breathers you can potentially pull unmetered outside air into the engine via engine vacuum. The O2 sensor should compensate for this however can and has caused a tip in stumble in my case.
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    I am selling off all PTS Xtreme's old inventory.

    I'm still using one of your deep pans from back in the day! :cool:
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    Need Car Fax report

    I'm helping a good friend get his old 86 F150 work truck running. We got a donor engine from the local junk yard to go in his truck. It came out of a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer with unknown mileage. We would like to know the mileage on this engine and was wondering if anyone could run the VIN and...
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    160 thermostat

    I'm not 100% positive, but I think that the hole allows a little water to go through while close. This keeps the temp from really spiking up before it decides to open thus allowing a more stable and uniform temp during warm up.
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    Shutting down problem

    IT'S FIXED!!!:D I only worked on it here and there as timed allowed. It turned out that someone had ran a hose that was really soft from the turbo to the MAF sensor. As it turns out, when I stuck it in the corner, it apparently was sucking flat. You could see on the inside, close to the turbo...
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    Mark, I've been away for quite some time now. Do you still have a web site and still sell turbo...

    Mark, I've been away for quite some time now. Do you still have a web site and still sell turbo Buick parts? I can't seem to find your old site.
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    SOLD 3" external wastedate Downpipe

    I sent you a PM.
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    Shutting down problem

    I just wanted to bring this back up. I stopped working on it for a bit and just started back. I'm thinking a bad ground somewhere. Observing the MPH on the scanner, I can drive around 25 MPH and the computer jumps up to 60, the converter locks in. It will go back down to around 30 of course the...
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    Vacuum From EGR??

    Yes, the hole in the manifold is large, however the vacuum port to the EGR is small.
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    Any bodywork experts here?

    Just to clarify, some people actually call the fenders the front quarter panel. Are you asking about a left or right fender, or a left or right rear quarter?
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    Vacuum From EGR??

    EGR port is too small. If you are running open valve cover breathers, then you could do away with your PCV valve and use that port. With open VC breathers, your PCV valve is pointless and has the potential of introducing unmetered air into the intake, meaning that it hasn't gone through the MAF...
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    Shutting down problem

    Sorry for the late response, we had a small hurricane come through. Eric, it has your TT chip for 60lbs injectors but no power logger or even scanmaster. I cut the FP from 43 psi to around 40psi and it made absolutely no difference. As I'm typing this, I just remembered that your chips are...
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    Shutting down problem

    I'm working on a friends 86 GN. Problem is when I go WOT with it and it hits second, the car acts like you just shut the key off and then back on. It does this several times and if you stay in it, the power is not much more than an idle. It doesn't bust up or backfire, sort of reminds you of...
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    GN 1 Performance extreme radiator fitment & oil cooler issues

    I called GN1 and confirmed that the core support tab has to be cut and the bracket on the condenser has to be removed. He told me that the small 1/4 holes in the oil cooler isn't going to restrict the flow any. I told him BS, why did GM use 3/8 holes if 1/4 would have been sufficient? He then...