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    ' 84 - '85 CCCI Parts availability

    I only have one backup that I can not part with. I would try the Walker product . It's fairly in expensive & I'll be gambling on them in the future ? It's just downright tough to find any OEM parts for our HotAirs.
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    VSS Location ?

    I've got it working , Mostly by using a BFH. I'm removing this digital set up & going mechanical 'Cuz I hate it.
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    VSS Location ?

    Thanks Nigel. Is the VSS on the back of a digital speedo ? I'll start @ the Tranny & work forward.
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    VSS Location ?

    Correction : It's the TV cable going into Passenger side . Sorry for the misinformation.
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    VSS Location ?

    Yeah it does, Thanks. The one on my Tranny, on the DS, doesn't have an electrical connection . I've got a mechanical speedo cable going into the Passenger side with a digital dash . The speedo stop working , along with the Cruise ? I'll look again tomorrow but I'm confused . Of Course, this is...
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    VSS Location ?

    I just read through a TSM on my 700R4 and I did not find a mention of the VSS ? Does anyone know where it is Located ?
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    VSS on a 1982 700R4 with a digital dash ?

    Cruise, Speedometer , & odometer are not working. Plugged Green box back in .......No change.
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    VSS on a 1982 700R4 with a digital dash ?

    The reason I ask is that I got this second hand. A couple of weeks ago , I saw that the green AC box under the dash was unplugged. Plugged it back in & did not drive much at all untill on the Hi Way the other day , my Cruise Control would not engage. This morning , idled very high & it threw a...
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    VSS on a 1982 700R4 with a digital dash ?

    Is the VSS Sensor the same for the above as it would be for an Analog ?
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    What Spark plugs will work in the 85?

    I run my NGK's @ .28 . On my time here, most veterans have advised to run a tighter gap, no matter what brand.
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    So much depends on the weather.

    Yeah, Friday ain't look'n too good either.......
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    Complete Hot Air Turbo ( CORE )

    Too Bad.....I liked Mikey , but agree with Guy here. Anyhoo.......I've got the same set up . I'll sell it to you for those same #'s . PM , if you would like, OK ?
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    Wheels, tires, moldings some hard to find nos ect

    Got the Pioneer today. Looks good & Thank you for the expedited shipping .
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    Shitcago 2023

    Hello Sam, I did Lock & Door Service work all over that city for well over 30 years . When I was a Kid , I was the Driver for a lot of the Iron Horseman MC brothers. Used to go to Magnolia street quite a bit. But, EVERYBODY knew what the deal was in Life back then. Now , it's way worse...