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    New! XFI, classic and Sportsman FB tech support group

    How do we find the support group on Facebook? I have FB just new to it. Lol
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    Roller rockers for sale????

    Sorry didn't post that. Prefer the 1.55 but open to see what's available
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    Roller rockers for sale????

    Thanks I checked with him but they were already sold
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    Roller rockers for sale????

    Anyone have any roller rockers for sale????Need them for champion iron heads. Message me with what you have before I buy new.
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    Parts for sale

    I thought I would be 1st inline on the valve covers but I guess not. If whoever beat me out of them backs out let me know.
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    Parts for sale

    Interested in valve covers. Anything wrong with them? Dented or cracked? Do you know if they will fit TA aluminium and or champion heads?
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    Make over time

    Very nice work. Interested in seeing the final results.
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    OPGI Buick event, July 13th

    Are any local guys planning to head out to this show?
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    Super high idle in park (MAL code 24)

    I had the same problem. In my case I swapped the IAC sensor and all good now.
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    Cash bounty on Turbo Lou's Dodge Demon.

    Any buicks making it to irwindale tonight?
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    Bob Bailey ignition module

    What is special about this harness? What is the cost of the harness to run the smart coils?
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    Same problem here
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    Weatherstrip Woes

    How about if you have manual windows whats the best weatherstrip to use?
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    Fast xfi help

    What did you have to do to get it connected to the laptop . I'm having the same issue with my laptop not wanting to read USB??