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    GNX 241 or 411

    If anyone here has either of these 2 numbers, i have a license plate you might want. Not looking to make a profit, I bought them when I saw them.
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    Jeep steering shaft

    PM coming. 1st in line. Thanks
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    bait car

    I call them "J A M" Just Another Mustang
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    Do I need to upgrade my turbotweak chip

    I sure wish someone else would chime in here. I am a novice, but I have learned that when you change anything that affects your air or your fuel, odds are your chip won't be right. That is exactly why Eric at TurboTweak asks you those questions about your set up. Unless you have an SD2 chip...
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    Do I need to upgrade my turbotweak chip

    If you added alky since getting the chip, I am certain you need your chip adjusted.
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    Duttweiler neck intercooler

    PM Sent. I want it.
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    Better than stock Intercooler wanted

    Am looking for a good stretched stock location intercooler that is in good shape. Don't want to pay as much as a new one .
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    Looking for steering gearbox for 87 gn

    Kirbins. Part 7380. $165
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    Factory 86 chip

    Thanks for the replies. I put in a TT chip that is for stock (except a TA49, which only Eric can tell me if there's any difference) I still get lean dipping below 750, but much later inthe pedal. I bought 42's and a TT chip from a fellow member, and so I will get the upgraded fuel pump and...
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    42lb injectors and TT chip

    Not trying to answer for him, but I bought both.
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    42lb injectors and TT chip

    PM sent
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    Factory 86 chip

    Looking for info on a Delco ATH chip from a 86 GN. I can't see the number due to the plastic carrier. Google didn't help. So my 86 is stock except for a few things: brakes, rear seat brace, fuel hot wire kit. The car is in very good shape for stock (and I would like to keep it that way as much...
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    The Problem, How To Solve It? Help

    This was my first time going to the event. We had a great time. I didn't get to visit Richards garage for long enough, but did get through there before the rain on Friday. I loved the action at the track. I was able to hang out with several other cool folks from Georgia and met some really...
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    Misc. brand new and used parts- TRZ,Spohn,Cruz,Lorenz,Scanmaster

    I'll take the scanmaster. text sent