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    Kyle Rittenhouse trial poll

    Jerryl, that Lin Wood article was quite eye opening!!
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    Passenger side floor leak after rain/car wash

    I would also look at all the little strews that screw into the cowl and ac/heater box. Windshield could also be the problem.
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    engine vibrations / harmonic balancer issues

    Are you sure the crank bolt is tight? I believe i have a spare balancer you can try! I'll be home tomorrow evening. Message me tomorrow and I'll try to find it.
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    A few articles

    Cool stuff brother
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    YOUR Prayers Are Needed for a Buick Brother.

    It was all my pleasure brother!! Great friends and family. The car is awesome.
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    Having trouble with G Body replacement A/C hoses

    Had a similar experience with them!!!
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    The Last 1987 Buick Grand National...

    I would like to know more about Larry's car!!
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    Roasting your adversary

    Thanks man, that was awesome.
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    The Last 1987 Buick Grand National...

    Good stuff Anthony.
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    The Last 1987 Buick Grand National...

    I did not know that, cool.
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    The Last 1987 Buick Grand National...

    Wow i can't believe he is selling it.
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    Alec Baldwin

    I've never liked that jerk. Carma is a bitch.
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    breathers for stock valve covers

    I believe i have some but won't be home till Thursday. Hit me up and I'll pull them out.
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    Heater core removal

    They use to make a gasket that goes around the case.
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    Intermittingly runs choppy.

    Need more information!