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    1987 stock long block

    Yea, it's diffenitly the user
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    1987 stock long block

    Sorry I hate these smart phones, one tap and there goes the wrong word
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    1987 stock long block

    Yes I don't
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    fuel line

    Hard fuel line, goes from filter to rear top of frame. In good shape
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    precision power plate

    Precision power plate, not stock. Brand new, no gaskets 45.00 shipped
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    transmission lines and fuel lines

    How much shipped
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    precision power plate

    No I don't, it's new
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    precision power plate

    This is for a precision plentum not a stock one, 45.00 shipped
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    wtb accufab power plate

    Wtb accufab power plate or trade for a precision power plate
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    precision power plate

    Power plate, new 45.00 shipped
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    precision power plate

    No it is for a precision doghouse
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    NOS GM Heater Water Valve

    I will have the wife send the money tonight, thanks
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    precision power plate

    Well Scott mine wife has not set up paypal yet. If you still want it give me a call and we can work out something. 1-985-705-5986
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    another 87 gn being parted out

    If you take the body off I really need the hard fuel line from the filter to the rear. It's not that long, it attaches to the hoses.