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    Turbo heat sheilds

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    Turbo heat sheilds

    I got out of the turbo Buick scene a couple of years back, but I still have two turbo heat shields. I'm willing to give them away for the cost of shipping. One is in stock condition, the other is powdercoated in what the coaters describe as 'speedboat aluminum'. They're not doing me any good...
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    complete G body swap drivetrain

    How much of it does he want? There are a few GN specific pieces for the swap. Is he in Houston or surrounding area? Have him send me an email at
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    complete G body swap drivetrain

    At this time, I would prefer not to sell pieces but rather the complete drivetrain.
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    Want to do a G body swap?

    Check the for sale section, I'm parting out my hybrid El Camino.
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    complete G body swap drivetrain

    Up for sale is a complete 87 drivetrain pulled from my hybrid El Camino. Everything from the radiator to the transmission, including the engine harness, computer, the A/C lines, ect. Also included is an ATR external gated DP w/ O2 bung (ceramic coated), Pypes exhaust (0 miles), Cottons dump, LS...
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    Hey yall. Long time.

    Thanks for the encouraging words Scott. I'm going to finish it. It's not near the degree of resto mod yours is though
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    Hey yall. Long time.

    Thanks for the support Chuck
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    Any tips or pointers on installing a new fuel pump?

    When you remove the pulsator and replace it with rubber hose, BE CERTAIN that the hose is rated for submersion in fuel. Regular hose, even EFI hose, isn't rated for that.
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    Hey yall. Long time.

    Thanks Doc, that's sound advice. I pulled the tank several months ago and swapped out my 109 pump for the free replacement Walbro was offering, I'll start by getting that back in this Saturday
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    Chrome Exhaust Headers Off Ebay

    Stick with the stockers. Everyone says they run deep in the tens. Couldn't say myself, lol.
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    Porting wastegate hole? Why do it?

    Is there any effect on an external gated downpipe?
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    What combo for my goals??

    As much as you can get, and retard your timing accordingly
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    Suspension Question

    That bracket relocates instant center, the theoretical point where the centerline of the upper and lower arms intersect. It's used to more effectively plant the rear tires during launch
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    Aluminum brake Drum

    Might want to replace the shoes too