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    Stall question/issue

    Okay, so I ordered a 2600 Stall from Edge Racing, hoping it would give me a little more edge on drag racing days, but keep factory manners on the road, considering the stock stall was 2200. Well, the car has the new converter in and still only stalls to 2200, and even seems slower out of the...
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    1986 Grand National - 87K orig miles

    Car is Sold.... Thanks everybody.... :)
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    1986 Grand National - 87K orig miles

    Last Bump..... I drove it today and got a few compliments while sitting at the gas station. Forgot how much stir these cars bring up. :cool: :D :cool:
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    Looking for a 86-87 GN or Regal

    Car is basically stock, but runs 8.8s in the 1/8 mile, and is very reliable. Has new Hooker 2.5 exhaust, A-pillar boost guage, Adjustable Wastgate, K&N conical filter setup, new tires and shocks. Great for a daily driver! Check the link. Make me an offer...
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    1986 Grand National - 87K orig miles

    Bump 1. Make me a close offer? Car is really tight. Good brakes and power steering. Oh yeah, glass is perfect! Get in, and drive anywhere. :cool:
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    1986 Grand National - 87K orig miles

    Engine Forgot the engine pics.... :rolleyes:
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    1986 Grand National - 87K orig miles

    I am selling my 1986 GN with 87751 orginal miles. I am wanting a LS1 car, so I have to let one of my other toys go. So here are the details. Car has not been modified except for new Hooker exhaust, A-pillar boost guage, adjustable waste gate, and K&N conical filter setup. Car is very strong...
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    wanted GN or t-type

    Sent you a private message.
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    Need help ASAP - Air Bags

    I can't believe I missed GS Nats.... Anyway, the black disk goes on the bottom and the air spout sticks through the middle hole, where the hose is run through. I hooked it up yesterday with no problems... very simple. I ran at the track last night and it did help. I bought the airbag from...
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    Trade 98 Camaro Ss

    Sent you a PM, but you have yet to reply? What is your asking price on the Camaro?
  11. J prices?

    Yup, only 5512 made, compared to 20K in 87. It still seems that the 87s demand a better price though. I guess because of that whole 10hp gain, like that isn't easy to fix on an 86'. I also guess it is because it was the last year too. The other day I went to Autozone, and as I was...
  12. J prices?

    Well, that must be it then.... When 2007 rolls around, I bet the 87s really jump.
  13. J prices?

    Has anybody seen prices lately. They have seriously jumped. I checked it a month ago and my 86 GN with 86K orginal was $13800.00,,, now it is saying way north of that, like around $20K.. :eek: .. Did I miss something. I also cross-refrenced nada, and it went up as well. I guess...
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    Need help ASAP - Air Bags

    That is what I thought, but wanted to make sure. Thanks... :cool: