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    how do you drive your car

    I drive mine very little. To track and back and will trailer going forward. As I have low miles I try not to put on too many miles more than 1/4 mile at time.
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    New AC Compressor will not run....

    Do you have wiring diagram? Sorry I can't recall from memory. You need both low side and high side switches to be happy if I remember correctly for it to kick on. Sorry I know I'm not much help. Search and you will find.
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    Quick A/C question for the experts....

    Technically should be filling based on weight, right? I filled with my gauges monitoring pressure That is why I needed high side reading Technically I should've only worried about weight of 134 going in .
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    Quick A/C question for the experts....

    Are you filling with r-12 or 134? I coverted to 134 and swapped out to the modern 134 fittings Joel
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    Headliner starting to sag.

    I don't know of a reliable way to reglue a partially separated headliner . The underside of the headliner turns to dust I remove my headliner pull the material off the backing used steel wool to clean up the backing bought replacement material at fabric store and then glued replacement...
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    Tapping sound ... Can't diagnose

    If tensioner likely hitting stop because belt is stretched. I had to replace my durango's tensioner as the belt was squealing as tensioner was not holding tight. As advised earlier. Start motor and watch tensioner you'll know quickly if it is the problem. Be sure to have nothing hanging on that...
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    Tapping sound ... Can't diagnose

    Sounds like belt tensioner to me as well. As belt stretches the tension can hit its stop. Just replaced in my Durango and I think my wife's Mitsubishi Outlander is doing the same. How long could you have rod knock before failure? Wouldn't something like that get worse fast? Never had thank...
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    Rail-mounted fuel gauge install issue

    What is the paste called? Thanks Joel
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    Power steering pump issues

    Pull belt, grab pulley and see if there's any play. Sounds like you may have smoked a bearing. Interesting point on the reverse rotating. Joel
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    Guess my dyno numbers

    My professional estimates are as follows: HP - more than my car Torque - more than my car I'm ready to collect my winnings. Joel
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    Buyer caution on Pittsburgh Grand National

    With all due respect. That's an odd blanket statement. See my sig., my signature is not a solicitation for sale of my car. Technically you are correct in my case my actual miles is 19xxx as I've driven her a bit since updating my signature. I have all original documentation and car fax or the...
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    Better than the Scanmaster?

    Hi mch Not sure I understand the question I will have vdo oil pressure sensor for analog gauge and glow shift electronic analog fuel pressure sensor on rail and stock map for boost I understand I'll be restricted to data flow rate by the aldl's 160 baud rate. The sensors I would expect to be...
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    Better than the Scanmaster?

    For the aldl Bluetooth scanner I will get all I get from ecm and then separate sensors for oil, fuel and splice into green wire for boost. I will give 1320 the resistance of the sensors and they'll tell me which pins to wire them into in the db9 connector. Should be relatively straight forward...
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    Better than the Scanmaster?

    I got the aldl Bluetooth scanner today tomorrow I'll pick up the db9 female plug for the boost splice in. Then will hook up with luck starting tomorrow. Then install fuel and oil pressure sensors. 1320 will need resistance measurements in order to instruct me which pins to connect them to. Will...
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    Better than the Scanmaster?