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    Engine pic

    After several different engine builders couldnt build my TA block correctly...One finally did and Wow what a motor.... Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Closed loop questions

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    Video of timing accuracy

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    FAST XFI Improvement want list

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    Fuel pressure zero after oops

    if you have checked all the fuses in the fuse box....One last place to check is the Fusable Links located under the car and attached to the starter....John
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    Building Turbo Oil Drain

    Since I'm running with a oil restricter, I'd like to have turbo drain kit that would show flow back to the block. Maybe with clear tubing.
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    Accel Injector Info Needed

    It took some time but I think I got that table done. When you suggested that the program was sensitive to electrical load. First, stabilized the idle and smoothed out the table. Second, turned on some accessorys and watched the inj/battery table.Third, turned on all the accessorys ie A/C...
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    Accel Injector Info Needed

    Cal, Can you give more detail on the Inj.Opening Offset vs Battery Voltage . This table is currently showing 2.20ms @8.0v to .53ms @16.0v. Should it look different?...currently have fast 95lb injectors....john
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    Accel Injector Info Needed

    Actually I adjust the injector opening time to match the Actual A/F with the Target A/F Map @ Idle, then drive and log the Fuel Correction % . Just make the correction in the VE Table if needed..Also I keep the highest Map Number @80 or lower....john
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    Accel Injector Info Needed

    A book would only give you a ball park estimation...If you want to get the real number...You could put an oscilloscope across the injector to get a better picture to log it since it happens fast....john
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    Houston buick club chili cook off

    Had to peddle it there since the govenor spring was twisted and in the pan...Ronnie and Mike took care of it ....Just like allways...Great Service !
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    New XFI Software

    Cal, can you send a copy this way when its ready . I think Holly has my CC info from a previous purchase....thanks ....john
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    Can you send the 2011 turbo catalog....Thanks...john

    Can you send the 2011 turbo catalog....Thanks...john
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    Legacy FAST users with non serial port laptops

    Works great, no problems with the USB to serial...Ive used it on the classic FAST and XFI ....john