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    Looking for a nice d5 converter.
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    1987 regal front full bench seat

    Also you will pay 2k plus to get it reupholstered, and the don’t guarantee that it will look exactly like factory did all though they do sell the exact material still. They made it seem to risky to spend 2k on it. So I’m hoping someone has a factory one somewhere on this planet.
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    Aluminum radiator

    Where could I get an aluminum radiator that fits just like the original radiator for a 87 grand national. Also a 4 row upgrade would be nice .
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    Kenwood kac-1021 or kac-1023

    Looking for one of these amps let me know what old kenwood you got
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    1987 regal front full bench seat

    True but it cost almost $2000 to do that . They do not make this particular seat cover just yet, only 60/40 bench right now. I just wanted to look a little bit better for now than what it looks like until they make a seat cover that’s affordable
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    Kenwood kac-1023 or 1021

    Trying to put toghether a old school car stereo in a 1987 regal. Looking for a kenwood kac-1023 or a kenwood kac-1021 pm me with what you have
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    1987 regal front full bench seat

    I need a blue oem seat cover for a Na regal low option car. It has to be a full bench with armrest . It also has to be in good shape.
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    F41 sway front bar

    Looking for a nice heavy duty g body front sway bar pm me
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    Torque converter cover and screws

    looking for a converter cover with bolts that hold it in... 2004r pm me price thanks
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    2004r low reverse cushion plate

    Thanks everyone I have found one
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    low reverse cushion plate.

    Mike thanks I think I found one.
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    2004r low reverse cushion plate

    low reverse cushion plate needed for low reverse clutches. Thanks.
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    low reverse cushion plate.

    Hello everyone. I'm in a bind, I seemed to have misplaced my low reverse cushion plate for the 2004r bq valve body. If you have one for sale please pm me price. Thanks
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    Billet piston

    That's a good question. I'm experiencing using the wave plate the stack slightly does not fit.