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    Fiberglass doors?

    I was also lucky to find Token Doors for sale and I jumped on them. Closest to original you can get.
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    MOROSO 47130

    Hi Has anyone tried these Coils. Thanks
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    Gear Drive users

    I just want to update this that the engine is running great. No gear winding sound.
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    Gear Drive question

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    Gear Drive question

    Is the Timing Chain Spacer the same size as using a Gear Drive? This is the Drive Gear for the Distributor.. Thanks
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    Cylinder heads

    If you are not too much in a hurry I can get a set ready. I have ported a truck load of 8445 heads in the past 20 years.
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    Rear defroster switch

    I might have a used one if you want.
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    IS the eccentric Spacer the same for the Chain and the Gear Drive?
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    I will probably try the 5662 Moog. They are a 2" drop and a harder load.
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    Yes that's an option. thanks
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    Hi I would like some recommendations on which Coils to use if I want to lower my front end a few inches. Thanks Joe
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    I made it simple. I took my Cloyes and matched it up. Almost ready to start the refresh Covid19 Motor.. why I say Covid! because of covid it took 7 months to get my new Crank...:(
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    Hello Any easier way to position the Gears than the Milodon method? Thanks
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    stage 2 Crank 3.625"

    Trying this again.. Wide Journal 3.625" Thanks