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    Mystery Fluid Leak

    From what I can see in the blurry pic it may be coming from between the dipstick tube and the grommet. Replace grommet again, install grommet into case first and lightly grease it, make sure the dipstick tube seal area is clean and smooth and free of defects etc.

    Whats it worth?

    Definitely far from worthless but keep in mind the 83 T type BR is a different animal than the 86-7 BRF. I’d say the value is in line with other earlier performance cores such as the hurst olds or Monte SS

    TPS at wide open throttle

    Unhook the tv cable and recheck. I’ve seen it hold WOT numbers low. It’s supposed to ratchet out and self adjust but won’t under certain circumstances.

    Heavy duty shifter Cable from Mikes Montes install ; works perfect.

    Gbodyparts has just announced their stock reproduction cable for regal/cutlass. Another option for anyone reading this in the future.

    200 r4 tear down video

    They linked that assembly video to Facebook shortly after it was done. I watched some of it. Hard to take it seriously when he’s installing all those clutches BONE DRY. I was going to link it to a couple others for laughs but I couldn’t find it back. I know it takes balls to put this...

    Surveillance cameras, what's the deal?

    You guys need to stock up on tin foil hats

    Surveillance cameras, what's the deal?

    I love love love the living hell out of my motion cameras at my house. Real time updates on my phone when they are triggered. I know when my car parts arrive on the porch. I can go back in time and see if my kids were wearing their coats/glasses/backpacks or if they left them at school. I...


    Ray if you don’t mind me asking, where do you live? Btw this is the best thread on this forum

    Toys for tots car, I’m back!

    Did they ever get the god damn title for it? I helped stir up some parts for the fuel system on that car and made a donation as well.

    How to: Freshen your used 200-4r pump

    I’m still here and by some miracle I haven’t deleted the 100+ pics on my phone. I’ve been in touch with the moderators who have inquired about the ability to edit older posts but if that’s not possible I will eventually re-do it from scratch.

    Did we lose posted pics in the server problem?

    I completely understand the whole situation and have no ill thoughts towards management. I just need to know if ability to edit posts can be restored or if I need to sit down and start fresh.

    Did we lose posted pics in the server problem?

    But it lost pics from before then? Don’t get me wrong I understand whatever happened happened. Trying to gauge whether they’ll reappear or if I have to go back post by post and fix them if I can even edit the posts

    Did we lose posted pics in the server problem?

    I sent a guy towards a detailed write up I did on here with many many build pics and it appears the pics aren’t loading. Are they gone for good? I still have the pics but it’d be a pain in the ass. Thanks guys I know this stuff is a bitch to deal with.

    Wasn't sure where to post this.

    Friend of mine picked up the body of his we4 by the trunk loop and it bent the rear panel outward. Tail lights stuck out past the trunk in the middle. We bent it back straight with a ratchet strap hooked to something on the front of the trunk. Not saying you shouldn’t do it, just give it...

    Ran into some bad luck and need a frame.

    Just remember an 84-newer frame is easier as it has the mount pad for the 200-4r. You can use an earlier frame. It’s just easier with the 84