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  • Furthermore Steve:
    And FWIW, if a member had not paid for last years plaques so that they could be shipped to you and received in time for passing them out at this years event and allowed you to pay him back, we would still be waiting for last years plaques.
    TIA/R: Gary Wells
    I have always helped you out in the past whenever I could based upon a mutual respect of one another whenever the request had merit. In the particular circumstance of deleting the post by cruzin57, "Lee" I am unable to do so as I see nothing wrong with Cruzin57's post. He violated no forum rules and as moderator, I am not required to pass judgement and/or act upon posts that a member considers "bad taste" without there being a forum rule violation. The term "bad taste" is very subjective and because you consider it so doesn't mean everybody else considers it the same. If there's anything else that I can help you with that does have TurboBuick.Com merit please post up. If you are unhappy with my decision about this matter or feel that I have acted unfairly please submit your request to Joe Chung, or user name on this forum "gofstbuick" who is an administrator and he can take a look and pass judgement on my decision.
    Have a nice day & my regards to your family.
    TIA/R: Gary Wells
    Gary, I want to thank you helping me out like I asked you to. I thought the post Cruzin 57 Lee posted putting down the car show at Bates was not in good taste and wanted it removed but I guess you did not find it wrong to post things like that Thanks again, Also you mention you thought the plaques winners from last year would never get there plaques well you got your more Bull**** posting people should not post, another Thanks to you. I have lost pretty much all and if I had any respect for you. Steve Hurst
    is there a reason you indicated it with this Car Show just wondering Steve Did you think their would be some fighting going on at the Car Show
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